7 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Berkeley Hills Home

Berkeley is the cultural, political, and intellectual epicenter of the Bay area. Quiet, tree-lined streets are what draw people to this charming neighborhood. Not only that, but the Berkeley area is not far from San Francisco or Oakland. Regardless, the city will definitely attract new buyers, the only additional step is getting them to buy your house in particular. Keep reading for great ways to increase the number of offers on your home in Berkeley Hills.

Visually appeal to the buyer

You will want your home to look picture-perfect. One of the first steps to enhance your listing and increase your chances of getting a buyer is to take professional photos of your home. A professional real estate photographer should be the one taking the photos. With their experience, they will know exactly how to showcase your home in all the best ways possible. The costs will pay for themselves as you will notice that your home will spend less time on the market and you will not have to search for additional marketing avenues. One of the simplest ways to attract buyers to your home is to engage their senses, and you are doing this with great visuals.

Setting the stage

Setting the stage before a photographer comes is always a good idea and it will also help with showings. One of the biggest tips to set the stage is to de-clutter your house. For example, if you have a lot of decorative items in a certain room, consider taking things away which will help the room appear more spacious. Additionally, find furniture that will accentuate your home in the best way possible and place them in the areas that are important such as the dining room or living room. If you are unsure of how to stage your home, there are professional stagers available who can make your home look its very best. If you want to create a space where buyers can imagine themselves living, it is important to stage your house.

Create a detailed listing

Once the photographer has taken great photos of your home, the potential buyer will want to find out more about your Berkeley real estate. The listing should reflect everything important about your home and you want to make sure it isn’t over the top. Buyers can usually tell when something is inauthentic and overdone. If your listing speaks for itself, it will attest to the great house you have on your hands. Be careful with your choice of adjectives, as you do not want anything to come off with a negative connotation. For instance, if you say “small” or even “cozy” it may turn the buyer off. On the other hand, if you use better adjectives such as      “comfortable” or “tasteful” they will understand the description better. Make sure that you have someone who will edit your listing and ensure there are no punctuation errors. Don’t forget to highlight any unique features about your home like the architecture or backyard pool.

Highlight the Berkeley neighborhood

Do not be afraid to highlight your neighborhood. Remember, one of the main reasons someone is choosing a home is because of the neighborhood too. Houses for sale in Berkeley, California are no short of luxurious and charming. Whether it is in the home tour, or your listing you should remind the buyer of what you have loved about living in the Berkeley area. What stands out about living there? Is it the community of people? Great schools? Your favorite coffee shop down the street? Again, be authentic about what you love and it will surely help with the number of offers your receive.

Make things easy

Convenience to potential buyers should be one of the most important things you do to get more offers. Avoid the temptation of adding, “ 24-hour notice only” or other limiting terms to your listing. Of course, an appointment will be needed but it does not mean you have to place additional emphasis on that part. If a buyer is learning about the many restrictions it could turn them away. The buyer’s agent is more likely to reach out if you make it easier for them to show the listing. Although you will have to be more flexible during the selling process, it will pay off in the end!

Price your home correctly

Pricing is one of the most critical aspects in preparing your Berkeley house for sale. If it does not feel accurately priced compared to other properties in the area it may deter the buyer from moving forward. A buyer’s first impression of a home will be connected to the value they place on it. Typically, your home will gain the most traction in the first two to three weeks of market exposure. This means there is a high chance you will receive one of your best offers during this period as well. Pricing it correctly from the start will strongly influence the sale of your Bay area home. It truly is a strategy to price your home correctly. The good news is that an experienced real estate agent can help you identify what your home value is and help you market it.

Hire a top realtor

If you have expert help from a top real estate agent, your home will sell faster and for more. They will have knowledge of the market and specifically the real estate in the Berkeley Hills area. Consider Cynthia Speers as your real estate agent who is seasoned and tech-forward. With her Bay area roots, she has plenty of background knowledge and strategies to sell your home faster! Your agent should also help you create a marketing strategy for your home. These days, it includes a lot of social media. Adding additional avenues for getting your house in front of a buyer will increase your selling price. Get your home in front of more eager buyers and you will be successful. Reach out to Cynthia today to get started!

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